last chance to follow my new blog I’m deleting this one today its

in case you think I’m dead heres my new blog

maybe someone could be of help I don’t know how to switch my instagram to my new blog… and yes I started a new blog.. i kinda wanted a fresh start and something a little more legible and easy to understand… its just gonna be better (at least in my opinion) feel free to follow… or not follow… its a lot more honest than my last one I will not give into any bullshit :) 

url: slim-silhouette

#redlips #collarbones  (Taken with Instagram)

I miss some of you <3

just check my inbox… this blog is officially done. done. done. the fact that you think i should lose more weight after that picture makes me fucking sick. i’ll be back when I’m 80 pounds in a fucking hospital… how the fuck do you guys live with yourselves? is it funny? will it still be funny if i die? you guys like murdering girls? thats what you’re doing. The inbox will be removed I’ll leave this blog up as a reference out of respect for the other 3,500 people… but really go fuck yourselves. I’m done.

Anonymous: You've looked so healthy lately! I love how nice and firm your legs are looking. You could probably lose another 10-15 lbs. though. Good luck!

75 pounds? … if I kill myself just know you’re responsible… how do you live with yourself you wretched fat whore. Thank you for going out of your way to try to put me down because you hate yourself so much for being so ugly and so fat and so insanely jealous of me.

Anonymous: we're actually the same person. i wish we could hang out.♥

why can’t we hun <3?

Anonymous: Please don't take this the wrong way, but why do you like being on tumblr? It seems like everyone here only wants to judge you or take advantage of your knowledge of health and weight loss? I hope that you have some solid friends on here that adore you for you (skinniness included!) and not for their own selfish needs.

because I don’t really have many friends in person I have like 5 literally that’s it and ONE lives near me the rest are all far away. (my own fault I’m so anti-social) but I like being alone I guess and this keeps me occupied. 

ourtransitreality: Some people might think your being rude lately, but I think you have the right to not be in the perfect mood all the time - we're human. we get angry. It's normal.... And about the repeat questions - EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THE FAQ. But it's sad because I think some people are purposely doing it just to be annoying... I'm not going to tell you how to feel, but I just think that you should be upset when you're dealing with assholes (in your life or on the internet).

thank you for understanding… I try to be as patient as possible and put up with it but it gets to a point where I don’t know why I continue to respect those who have no respect for me… Yea the 40 “why do you smoke” questions I’ve gotten in the past 2 days were a clear sign people are really bored and want to fuck with me ha :)

Anonymous: Don't you have a friend you can talk to? Or the doctors? Sorry, I'm just worried about you, please please don't let this spiral.

don’t worry. 

Anonymous: about how long would someone have to stay on a liquid diet to loose 20 pounds?


stecar3267: Did you move out to CA yet? Or, still in NY? BTW, you still look great! Thanks for being you. :-)


Anonymous: If anyone thinks you're curvy, or even have an inch of fat on you they are clearly blind! They probably don't know how to express their shock of how skinny you are, or are jealous they don't have a girlfriend as beautiful as you. Please be careful though, have you thought about 'recovery'? x

i know this message was supposed to be nice but it irritated me. Definitely not the time and place to tell me what to do.

timelordchemist: sorry, dear. of course I don't know the context, I just assumed it was random douchebags hitting on you.

nah its like everyone i ever speak to… i don’t allow myself to even get hit on cause I’m so mean to the entire male species in person. people actually do think I’m curvy fucking fat it makes me want to knife myself it really does